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DIY Cloud Chamber

progetto di: Marco Baruzzo, Carlo Fonda

Part list:

  • 6x Peltier Cells TEC2-25408T125
  • 2x (recycled) Watertank Coolers
  • 1x Aquarium Water Pump
  • 1x Arduino Mega2560
  • 1x Arduino Shield with LCD Display and Encoder
  • 1x Arduino Shield with 16 relays
  • 1x Arduino Shield with 8 Type-K termocouple input
  • 6x Hall Effect Current Sensors
  • 1x IKEA Transparent Plastic Box
  • 100cm of Extra Bright LEDs Ribbon
  • 3x Power Supplies 12V 30A
  • 3x Volt/Ampere Meters with Shunt
  • 1x Trolley
  • … to be continued …