Facilities / Risorse

3D printers (FDM):

  • 2x Creality3D K1 Max (300x300x300mm, high-speed) link
  • 3x Creality3D CR-10 (300x300x400mm) link
  • 2x Creality3D CR-10 MAX (450x450x470mm)
  • 1x Snapmaker J1 (dual-extruder, high-speed 300x200x200mm) link
  • 1x He3D K280 delta printer (for tall objects, h=600mm) link
  • 2x Creality3D Ender3 with a “steel roller kit” by RobotFactory (200x180mm x infinity) link
  • 1x WASP Delta Open, MODIFIED for CLAY EXTRUSION link
  • Historical (old) printers (NOT in use currently):
  • 2x Ultimaker “original” (1 with single extruder, 1 with dual extruder), 1x Ultimaker “plus” (with heated bed) link
  • 1x Makerbot “5th Generation” link

Plastic filaments that we are able to 3D-print with:

  • PLA
  • PET-G
  • soluble polymers: HIPS, PVA
  • flexible polymers: TPU, etc.
  • Nylon, ABS, ASA, and other special and composite polymers


3D printers (DLP):

  • 1x Robot-Factory 3DLPrinter link
  • 1x Lumi-Industries LumiPocket LT link

3D scanners:

  • Revopoint POP Scanner
  • Revopoint RANGE 3D Scanner
  • Makerbot Digitizer link
  • Microsoft X-Box Kinect sensor + Skanect software link
  • Matter and Form link
  • 3DSystems (Occipital) iSense 3D scanner for iPad link


Plastic filament production:

  • Filastruder link
  • automatic spool winder link
  • plastic shredder link
  • desiccator (drying chamber)


Laser cutting/engraving:

  • Laser Veronese LVTC1390/100W laser cutter/engraver (100W, cutting bed: 130cm x 90cm) link
  • Glowforge Pro laser cutter/engraver (45W (Pro) laser, cutting bed 50cm x ∞) link

IMG_6415glowforge laser cutter

CNC and metal sheet cutting:

  • home-built 3-axis CNC milling machine (470x780mm working area, 1000W, works with aluminum/wood/plastic. Software: Mach3)
    Note: User training is required. / È necessaria una formazione per l’uso.
  • PocketNC 5-axis desktop CNC
  • WAZER waterjet machine (305x460mm cutting area, various metals, glass, ceramics, various thickness) link



  • Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 vinyl cutting machine (24″ wide) link

Micro-controllers and electronics:

  • Arduino (Uno, Mega, etc.) link
  • various shield boards, displays, sensors and actuators
  • breadboards and wiring
  • Raspberry Pi mini computer
  • soldering stations and tools
  • digital oscilloscope
  • multimeters, power supplies


Mechanical workshop (including woodworking):

  • Manual tools for metal and wood (attrezzi manuali per lavorazione legno e metalli)
  • Electrical and battery-powered tools: drill, angle grinder, circular and jig saw, oscillating multi-tool, etc. (attrezzi elettrici e a batteria: trapano, smerigliatrice angolare, sega a disco e alternativa, multi-attrezzo oscillante, etc.)
  • Vertical bandsaw for wood (sega a nastro verticale per legno)
  • Horizontal bandsaw for metal (sega a nastro orizzontale per metalli)
  • Drill press (trapano a colonna)
  • Belt sander (levigatrice a nastro)
  • Bench stone grinder (mola da banco)
  • Air compressor (compressore per aria)
  • Workbenches with vices (tavoli da lavoro con morse)

Training area:

  • video projector, flat screen and blackboard, 25 seats always available  / videoproiettore, schermo piatto e lavagna, 25 posti sempre disponibili


Pictures / Immagini


worktables / postazioni di lavoro


lasercutter and plastic filament / macchina per taglio laser e filamenti di plastica


3D printers area / zona stampanti 3D


some 3D-printed mathematical objects / alcuni oggetti matematici stampati in 3D


Arduino boards, electronics, soldering station / Schede Arduino, elettronica e stazione di saldatura


Training area / zona corsi


Arduino Collection