Mr 3DFreeze: cold-end device for 3D Printing of melted Wax

We introduce in the images below our first cold-end prototype for 3D printing by selective fast cooling (“freezing”) of a bath of melted material (having low melting-point like Wax and chocolate). This solution is based on thermoelectrical devices and is designed to work with standard RepRap (hot-end) 3D printers, with just simple adaptations of the extruder part, so that the same firmware and g-codes could be used. The printed Wax material can be easily recycled within the same freezing process avoiding any waste. Since Candle-Wax is easily available around the world, we believe the use of Mr 3DFreeze cold-end for the 3D printing of educational objects may find a fertile soil.

Mr3DFreeze_1 Mr3DFreeze_2 Mr3DFreeze_3 Mr3DFreeze_4 Mr3DFreeze_5 Mr3DFreeze_6